The Collector

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William Wyler

The Collector is a 1965 thriller film that tells the story of a psychopathic butterfly collector, who kidnaps a beautiful young woman to add to his specimens. Based on the novel "The Collector" by John Fowles, Frederick Clegg (Terence Stamp) is a quiet London bank clerk who collects butterflies during his spare time. He deeply admires a beautiful college girl, Miranda Grey (Samantha Eggar), who studies at Slade School of Fine Arts, whom he always watch from a distance. His lack of social skills keeps him from making contact with Miranda. Living all alone in his countryside house, his loneliness and hopelessness for Miranda's attention fuels him to kidnap her and lock her in the cellar of his house. Convinced that he can win Miranda's heart, he promises to release her if he is not able to make her fall in love with him in a month.Will Miranda trust a psycopath's words, or will she risk her life and try to escape from the hands of a very unpredictable and dangerous person?



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  • Object of Obsession

    Freddie Clegg (Terrance Stamp) is a former bank clerk who as won a fortune, and decides to pursue his favorite hobby, collecting. Bored with butterflies, he turns his attention to the girl of his dreams, art student Miranda Grey (Samantha Eggar). He buys a lonely country house, equips a cellar with clothes and art books, as well as a hidden entrance and reinforced door. Then he stalks in her a van and catches up to her in an alley with a chloroform soaked cloth.

    She wakes up in the cellar, and he explains she's going to be his guest. After a failed escape attempt they both agree that she'll stay a month and then he'll let he go. He tries to charm her, but she's counting the days until release. A neighbor unexpected visit nearly leads to Miranda's discovery, but Freddie manages to talk his way out of the situation, and then shows off his butterfly collection to Miranda. She is shocked and appalled, and begins to realize the level of Freddie's obsession with her.

    The final day comes by, and they have a dinner to celebrate. Freddie asks her to marry him, but when she refuses he tells her that he's not letting her go. Miranda breaks down and starts screaming, and Freddie chloroforms her again, and takes her upstairs to be with her unconscious form. When she comes to he lies about it, and tells he she just needs more time to get to know him.

    Miranda tries to seduce him, but he rejects her, losing all respect. She then attacks him, and after being struck in the head with a shovel in the rain he manages to get her back inside the cellar, and drives himself to the hospital. A Nurse helps him inside, and the next day he returns to find Miranda deathly ill. He leaves promising to get a doctor, but when he comes back with medicine instead he finds her dead. At first he blames himself, but the comes to believe it was her fault because she was too snooty.

    At the end of the movie we see Freddie following the Nurse as he did Miranda.moreless

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