The Conversation

Released 1974


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The Conversation is a thriller film written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola centering on Harry Caul (Gene Hackman), a surveillance expert so good at his job that no one is safe, not even himself as his paranoid obsession with privacy he even encloses his office in a wire mesh, knowing it interrupts the tools of his trade. Professional and distant, Harry never has felt responsible or given any thought to what he hears or why he is listening to any of those conversations. However, as he and his friend Stan (John Cazale) monitor the conversation of a couple (Cindy Williams and Frederic Forrest), he begins a journey of paranoia, questioning every minute piece of the conversation, and tries to determine just who is being watched. The Conversation also has small performances from Harrison Ford, Teri Garr, and an uncredited Robert Duvall.moreless
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