The Crow

Miramax Released 1994




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Alex Proyas

The Crow is about a young man who is raised from the dead to exact revenge upon his killers. The film begins on the day before Halloween when Shelly Webster and her fiance, Eric Draven, are brutally murdered by a gang of thugs on the day before their wedding. Exactly one year later, a magical crow lands on Eric's headstone and awakens him from the dead. Confused at first, Draven eventually understands what has happened to him and sets out to find the men who destroyed his life. He is aided by his new supernatural powers, which allow him to heal instantly from any wound and prevent him from being physically harmed. He decides to dress himself all in black and, with the aid of the crow, seeks out his and Shelly's murderers. Albrecht, the policeman who originally found Draven and Shelly, assists him in his mission as does Sarah, the young girl whom Draven and Shelly once cared for when they were alive.



Metacritic Score

  • 88

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    It is a stunning work of visual style - the best version of a comic book universe I've seen - and Brandon Lee clearly demonstrates in it that he might have become an action star, h...

  • 88

    Chicago Tribune Michael Wilmington

    The Crow imbues its comic brutalism with emotion and satire. Too raw and pulpy, it probably shouldn't be regarded as a memorial to Brandon Lee. But as an obsessive rock 'n' roll co...

  • 75

    Philadelphia Inquirer Desmond Ryan

    If the arrival of The Crow - a visually dazzling and hyperkinetic action movie - is an occasion to mourn the loss of Lee, it is also ample reason to celebrate the protean gifts of ...

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    • Production Budget - $23,000,000
      Domestic Gross - $50,693,129 (24th)
      Worldwide Gross - $144,693,129 (19th)

      Domestic Adjusted for 2013 - $98,960,749
      Worldwide Adjusted for 2013 - $282,463,142

    • Other production companies:
      Edward R. Pressman Films
      Entertainment Media Investment Corporation
      Jeff Most Productions
      Dimension Films (distributor)

    • Filming locations include:
      Los Angeles, California
      Screen Gems Studios, Wilmington, North Carolina
      Wilmington, North Carolina

    • Taglines:
      1. Darker than the bat.
      2. It Can't Rain All The Time.
      3. Believe in angels.
      4. Real love is forever.
      5. In a world without justice, one man was chosen to protect the innocent.

    • The Crow was filmed with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio.

    • Music:
      Written by Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Boris Williams, Perry Bamonte
      Performed by The Cure
      Golgotha Tenement Blues
      Written by Scott Benzel, Mike Fisher and Stuart Kupers
      Performed by Machines of Loving Grace
      Big Empty
      Written by Dean DeLeo and Scott Weiland
      Performed by Stone Temple Pilots
      Color Me Once
      Written by Gordon Gano and Brian Ritchie
      Performed by Violent Femmes
      Dead Souls
      Written by Ian Curtis, Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris
      Performed by Nine Inch Nails
      Written by Rage Against the Machine
      Performed by Rage Against the Machine
      Written by William Reid and Jim Reid
      Performed by The Jesus & Mary Chain
      Time Baby III
      Written by James Goodall, Brad Laner, James Putnam,
      Ed Ruscha and Beth Thompson
      Performed by Medicine
      After the Flesh
      Written by Marston Daley and Frank Nardiello
      Performed by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
      Written by Page Hamilton
      Performed by Helmet
      Written by Martin Rev and Alan Vega
      Performed by Rollins Band
      Slip Slide Melting
      Written by For Love Not Lisa
      Performed by For Love Not Lisa
      The Badge
      Written by Tom Roberts and Jerry Lang
      Performed by Pantera
      It Can't Rain All the Time
      Written by Graeme Revell and Jane Siberry
      Performed by Jane Siberry

    • The star Brandon Lee was shot and killed during filming of the movie. The gun was supposed to have been filled with blanks, but somehow live rounds got into the gun. He was 28. (His father, Bruce Lee died at 32.)


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