The Dark Crystal

Jim Henson Productions Released 1982





Movie Summary

The Dark Crystal is the beloved 1982 family fantasy film from Muppets maestro Jim Henson (Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Labyrinth). The fate of a world hangs in the balance as good and evil struggle to gain supremacy. A millennium ago, the Dark Crystal was fractured, a fragment lost, and the world was sundered. Evil has ruled for a thousand years and now the time of a great conjunction of three suns draws near. The forces of good and evil are once again contesting to see which of them will gain supremacy over the other. If the crystal is not healed before the three suns align, evil will dominate forever. Both forces are so equally matched that the balance will be decided by the actions of Jen, the last of the gentle Gelfings. Jen must journey across his world to find the missing shard of crystal. Can he find the key to healing the crystal?moreless
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Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Kids


Creatures, Fairy Tales & Fables, Kids Fantasy, Monsters & Mutants, Epics