The Disappeared

Released 2008


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The Disappeared

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The Disappeared is a psychological horror film about a young man who searches for his missing brother. On a normal night, charged with the task of watching his little brother Tom (Lewis Lemperuer Palmer), Matthew Ryan (Harry Treadaway) spends the time getting loaded with his friends, and Tom goes missing. Wrought with guilt, the negligent older brother spends months in a hospital dealing with the loss; upon his release, his feelings of remorse are aided by a distinct tension between himself and his father Jake (Greg Wise). But when Matthew starts mysteriously hearing Tom's voice and seeing his image, his desire to find him turns into desperation. At the urging of his best friend Simon (Tom Felton) Matthew exhausts every measure to find his beloved lost sibling, seeking any and every way to find out what happened to him, and threatening to descend into madness in the process. Johnny Kevorkian directs this chilling and haunting film about morbid regret.


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  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    The Disappeared quite ingeniously tries to blend the Sixth Sense with a murder mystery, but first time Writer/Director, Johnny Kavorkian, takes a big chance by adding a surprise ending, that just destroys anything the film had going for it. When Matt Ryan's (Harry Treadway) little brother disappears, he loses his mind. Upon returning to his home, he starts hearing and seeing his missing brother. Matt feels his brother his trying to tell him something and decides to follow the clues. The story here was actually pretty good, but the film moves at an absolute snails pace, felling well longer than 96 minutes. This is one of those films where they put everything on the surprise ending and save all the good stuff for the lead into it. The problem is that the surprise ending was lame and didn't make a whole lot of sense. There is a lot of symbolism in this film that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but the ending really just brings it all to a head. British actor, Harry Treadway is the lead and he was really amazing. Treadway manages to mix the depression associated with his brother's disappearance, the feeling that he's losing his mind, and the drive of a man on a mission, resulting in a great performance in an otherwise dull film. The Disappeared had a lot of potential and a unique story, but it moves so slowly that most people will lose interest well before it falls apart at the end.moreless

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