The Donner Party

Released 2010


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A second trailer for The Donner Party also known as Famished internationally. In the 1840-s, a group of determined emigrant settlers travel into the perilous West on route to California. When a winter blizzard engulfs the Sierra Nevada Mountains in petrified ice, the settlers find themselves off course and soon are trapped, freezing, and without any source of food. In the meantime, the emigrants- leader, the strong willed William Foster, decides to form a small recue party. The party departs the starved base camp filled with women and children. The group ventures into the unknown wilderness in an attempt to reach California and save the camp. While William sternly leads the group through the ice-covered wasteland, all hope of escaping the perilous mountains vanish, as the group starts to slowly disintegrate under the weight of starvation. After becoming disorientated and adrift, the threat of death and imminent famine starts to dissolve the camaraderie of the group. And soon the insanity of hunger possesses the party. With no other choice, the group is forced to sacrifice one another as a source of nourishment. Surviving only on the flesh of their members, they are plunged into the darkness of cannibalism. Based on the harrowing true story, of the infamous Donner Party, Famished, is a gripping and horrific thriller of survival.moreless
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Drama, Suspense


Historical, Psychological, Social Issues, Biography