The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning

Released 2007




Movie: The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning


Movie Summary

Bo and Luke are sent to Uncle Jesse's farm for the summer as a punishment. They learn about Uncle Jesse's business with moonshine. They plan to help him with his deliveries but they need a fast car...The General Lee. They make moonshine runs for Uncle Jesse for about a week and then things start to fall apart. Cousin Daisy goes to get a job at the Boar's Nest but the guy who was working there, Hughie, said that she didn't have the look. She goes back to the farm and fixes herself up and gets the look that Hughie wants. Uncle Jesse throws a party with all of this friends and has moonshine there and then Boss Hogg and Rosco show up and arrest everybody that couldn't get away including Uncle Jesse. Bo, Luke, and Daisy are determined to get him out of jail so that Boss doesn't take away the farm, and to do that they need to find out where Boss Hogg is bringing his moonshine. They find out that Hughie is Boss Hogg's nephew and he's been delivering the moonshine for Boss. Bo and Luke catch them and then Boss has no choice but to let them keep the farm and let Uncle Jesse out of jail. Jump in for the ride of a lifetime.moreless
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