The Expendables 2

Millennium Films Released 2012


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  • I liked it...

    I thought it was a welcome movie in a cinematic terrain that is fairly dull. Some folks might say this film is all about predictable but I respect something that gives me my escape monies worth-you know what you are getting-and you expect action-and you get action. It was cool to see all the action stars together in one movie-again. I like a good action flick. There many films that say they are action but don't really deliver the goods-this one does. There are not a great deal of decent films coming out these days-the bigexcitement is supposed to be the transfer from DVD to Blue Ray. I went from VHS to DVD and I am not interested in watching the same films over and over again in Blue Ray with a bit more clarity The 'new mode' (Blue Ray) has resulted in some lacklustre efforts lately from many of the big studios. The slightly clearer format doesn't make a bad movie better or make one you have seen 15 times worth watching again. They already abandoned picture discs and then they abandoned HD. One format is enough. This film runs on the strength of the actors-not on cutie pie technical tricks-that in the case of Blue Ray don't even help in the case of a gritty movie-as in seeing gritty places way clearly is still just seeing gritty places-places that you cannot dress up-not should anyone try to.

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