The Fifth Element

Gaumont Released 1997




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Luc Besson

Evil arrives on Earth every 5000 years to spread chaos and destruction so that the world can be recreated. Scientists have managed to clone a woman made of the "fifth element," Leeloo, which represents the only chance of survival. In the year 2263, Brooklyn cabbie Korben Dallas must see her safely to a secret location where Father Vito Cornelius will perform a special rite that can prevent Evil from spreading. Meanwhile, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, a mercenary for Evil, leads a band of aliens to find Leeloo. Dallas must use his skills as a former government agent and with the help of the fast-talking Ruby Rhod, a TV show host, evade the villains to save Leeloo and the world.


Metacritic Score

  • 80

    Los Angeles Times Kevin Thomas

    The cast is a delight, but it's Willis who is the film's true "fifth element," giving it life, depth and humanity.

  • 50

    The New York Times Elvis Mitchell

    As a yammering, swishy talk show host, Chris Tucker is flat-out incomprehensible, while Mr. Oldman preens evilly enough to leave tooth marks on the scenery.

  • 40

    Variety Todd McCarthy

    Ultimately a mess of diverse ingredients that sorely could have used a rigorous screening process to eliminate all the chaff.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Korben Dallas

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich


Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Ian Holm

Ian Holm

Father Vito Cornelius

Luke Perry

Luke Perry


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Father Cornelius and LeeLoo go to Korben's apartment, Father Cornelius calls Korben "Mr. Willis", and Korben corrects him by saying "Dallas".

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  • NOTES (6)

    • Production Budget - $90,000,000
      Domestic Gross - $63,820,180 (26th)
      Worldwide Gross - $263,920,180 (9th)

      Domestic Adjusted for 2012 - $113,458,098
      Worldwide Adjusted for 2012 - $469,191,431

    • Filming locations include:
      Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, England
      London, England
      Covent Garden, London, England
      Vatnajökull, Austurland, Iceland

    • Other production companies:
      Columbia Pictures (US distributor)

    • Taglines:
      1. 250 years in the future, all will be lost unless the fifth element is found.
      2. Is it love or live?
      3. There is no future without it.
      4. Time is not important, only life is important.
      5. The Fifth is life.
      6. It Must Be Found.

    • Music:
      Alech Taadi
      Performed by Cheb Khaled
      Composed by Cheb Khaled
      Little Light Of Love
      Performed by Eric Serra
      Background Vocals by Nourith
      Words and Music by Eric Serra
      Incidental Music
      Written and Performed by Cliff Martinez and Mark A. Mangini
      Aria of 'Lucia di Lammermoor'
      Composed by Gaetano Donizetti
      Performed by Inva Mula, soprano
      London Symphony Orchestra
      Conducted by Frédéric Chaslin
      The Diva Dance
      Performed by Inva Mula
      All Night Long
      Written by Lionel Richie

    • Academy Awards Nominations:
      1. Sound Editing


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Aliens, epic adventure, space travel, beings from another world, hostile monsters