The Fountain

Released 2006


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The Fountain is a 2006 drama from visionary filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz in a story about the eternal nature of love and inescapable human mortality. Jackman and Weisz play two lovers in three different moments in time. In the 16th century, they are a conquistador and a queen. In 2005, they are a scientist and his dying wife. In 2500, he is a space explorer with visions of a lost love. Through these three stories, the audience pieces together the relationship between a couple whose time as a couple comes to a tragically early end. As their love for one another grows stronger, they form a bond that will hopelessly outlast their physical ability to be together. Part period piece, part fantasy, and part science fiction, this film is a sober and touching look at the unfortunate confines of the human condition. The Fountain was well-received by critics and audiences and features an original score by Clint Mansell.moreless
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Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction


Time Travel, Futuristic, Mythology, Love & Romance