The Garbage Man.... He'll Waste You

Released 2010


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Movie: The Garbage Man.... He'll Waste You


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The Garbage Man.... He'll Waste You begins when a NYC baby, wrapped in paper and string, is dumped in the garbage. The child survives and thrives in a landfill across the harbor. Nurtured by a bag man, and fed on waste and toxins, the child grows to become half animal, half superhuman. Years later, attracted by the twinkling lights of the city, The Garbage Man returns to NYC, sees a most beautiful womanand falls in love. The Beast must have his Beauty! This film is sensual, visual, fantasy Cinema. Shot in charcoals, vivid whites and bursts of vivid color, with music rich in Gospel and Rock. A celebrated New York City Underground Classic.. Guerrilla film making at its finest.moreless
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