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The Good Son

20th Century Fox Released 1993


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Joseph Ruben
The Good Son is a 1993 horror thriller starring Macaulay Culkin. Directed by Joseph Ruben, the movie tells the story of 12-year-old Mark (Elijah Wood), who goes to live with his aunt and uncle, Susan (Wendy Crewson) and Wallace Evans (Daniel Hugh Kelly), after the death of his mother. Upon arriving at the Evans home Mark is introduced to his cousins Henry (Macaulay Culkin) and Connie (Quinn Culkin). Initially, Mark and Henry get along and have a friendly relationship. After a period of time, however, Henry starts to show an unusual fascination with death, and begins to display increasingly psychotic behavior. Henry uses a crossbow to kill a neighbor's dog, and then throws a dummy onto an expressway, which causes a terrible traffic accident. Mark wants to tell people what Henry has done, and even attempts to discuss the situation with his uncle Wallace, but Henry turns things around and puts all of the blame on Mark. Later on, Henry suggests that he will attempt to kill his own sister, and the lives of the entire Wallace family are threatened.moreless


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  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    To me, nothing is scarier than an evil child. These kids are pure evil wrapped in the guise of innocence. They can usually get away with whatever they want and no one suspects their cute little angel of being a monster. Even if they are caught, what can anyone really do about it anyway? If that's not frighten enough, think about the fact that every serial killer on earth was at one time a child, and films like The Good Son represent a story that could be happening right now. The film begins when young Mark (Elijah Wood) losses his mother in a traffic accident. Mark's father is so distraught that he needs some time to himself and sends his son to live with his brother's family in the country. Both families think it will be good for Mark to be around someone his own age, his cousin Henry (Macaulay Culkin), but what they didn't know is that Henry is pure evil and has killed before. We see stories like this from time to time, but never one that is so realistic. When you think Killer Kids, movies like The Omen come to mind, but this is different as Henry isn't possessed, he's just a psychopath. This was Macaulay Culkin's first role after Home Alone and he is beyond terrific. At his age, Culkin is asked to play two roles, the innocent kid with the face of an angel and the demented psycho with the heart of the devil. How a pre-teen, who'd only been in two films prior, could accomplish such a feat, is nothing short of astounding. Elijah Wood is also great, showing that some people are just naturally talented. I've seen Wood in dozen's of things since The Good Son and his eyes still creep me out, it's almost like he can see right through you, and that might have made him a better choice to play Henry. While Wood might have had the look, you'd be hard pressed to find any kid who could do a better job than Culkin did here. The Good Son is mysterious, creepy, and a whole lot of fun to watch. It's among my favorite Horror films and really is one of the most underrated films of the nineties.moreless

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