The Governess

Released 1998


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The Governess is an award-winning, romantic period drama film from Sony Pictures Classics that was written and directed by Sandra Goldbacher. Rosina de Silva (Minnie Driver) is a beautiful, privileged, young Jewish woman who lives in a tight-nit Jewish community in 1840's England. She is surrounded by lavish things and lives a luxurious life. She has been separated from anti-Semitism and has only socialized with and lived with other Jewish people. Her life is splendid until the unthinkable happens. Her father is violently killed and she is left with nothing. As a result of her father's untimely death, Rosina is forced to find a job. She finds a job and is hired to become a governess in the gentile Cavendish family's Scottish estate. In order to get the job, Rosina had to pretend and convince Mr. Charles Cavendish (Tom Wilkinson) that she is a Christian. Shortly after taking the position, Rosina starts to develop deep feelings for Charles and the two of them engage in a secret and intense love affair.moreless
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