The Great Mouse Detective

Walt Disney Feature Animation and Silver Screen Partners II Released 1986


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Ron Clements , John Musker , Burny Mattinson

The Great Mouse Detective is a 1986 American animated mystery movie directed by Ron Clements and Burney Mattison. This Walt Disney production is set in Victorian London, England and features animated rats and mice for the main characters. A little mouse girl, Olivia Flaversham (voice of Susanne Pollatschex), comes to Basil of Baker Street (voice of Barrie Ingham) for aid in finding her kidnapped toymaker father, Hiram (voice of Alan Young). Fidget abducted Hiram on the orders of Professor Ratigan (Vincent Price), who wants the toymaker to create a robot that will emulate the Mouse Queen (voice of Eve Brenner) so he can rule the world. Basil, Olivia and Dr. David Q. Dawson (voice of Val Bettin) set out to investigate the crime and free the toymaker. As the investigation continues, they uncover a plot against the crown and the abduction of the Queen herself. This full-length feature film is a fun, animated version of a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Other voices heard throughout the movie include Diana Chesney, Laurie Main, Ella Fitzhugh and Shani Wallis.


Metacritic Score

  • 88

    Chicago Tribune

    What it all comes down to is the basic question: Is this just a movie for children? Not really. It's more a movie for the childlike--of any age. [02 July 1986, p.3C]

  • 88

    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Jay Scott

    Disney unleashes a mousey minor masterpiece. [02 July 1986, p.C5]

  • 75

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    What's fun is the carefree way the animators swing through their story, using the freedom of the cartoon form to blend 19th century realism with images that seem borrowed from more...

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