The Green Hornet

Released 2011


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  • The movie is okay, but needs work

    I kindaliked the film. Britt Ried got to be more expressed as an anti-hero here and you get to see what it is like to have a 40`s character in a modern day world. The technology is cool and the humor Seth Rogen tried to do was enough to make me smile. However, there was no chemistry between Rogen and Jay Chou, the guy who played Kato. The villian also did not feel right. Only his first scene and last felt convincing and Axfords role felt really cut compared to the shows. Plus, I found a few scencs boring to watch.
  • The Green Hornet!

    This movie is so funny. I love jay chou when he saids "I'll go with you but, i don't wanna touch you". LMAO!. I also love when seth rogen as britt reid when he saids "My coffee taste like sh**. Those are the 2 funniest parts in the movie i love.

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