The Green Mile

Warner Bros. Released 1999





Movie Summary

The Green Mile is the 1999 supernatural prison drama starring Tom Hanks and Michael Clark Duncan based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, and is now available on Amazon. Nominated for 4 Academy Awards, The Green Mile takes place during the great depression. Paul Edgecomb (Hanks) is the head death row corrections officer at Cold Mountain Penitentiary who believes in treating his inmates with kindness and decency. In a dark time of desolation and struggle, a miracle occurs after gentle black giant John Coffee (Duncan) is brought in for raping and murdering a pair of young girls. The new inmate's tame demeanor and amazing gift makes Edgecomb suspect that he may be innocent. For John Coffee is no ordinary man, but one with miraculous powers to heal any illness - even death. However, in this harsh time of racism and misfortune, Edgecomb is alone in this belief. He is surrounded by psychopathic killers, mischievous guards, and a ticking clock that will surely take this miracle away. He must find a way to save a life when all that surrounds him is death.moreless
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Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Suspense


Unlikely Friendships, Unexplained Phenomena, Bullies, Social Commentary, Crime