The Gunthridge Show: The Complete First Season

Released 2008


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Movie: The Gunthridge Show: The Complete First Season


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Join internationally award winning filmmaker Jack Gunthridge as he takes you on the ride of your life in the complete first season of The Gunthridge Show. Experience this groundbreaking series the way that it was meant to be seen (on your T.V.). The F.C.C. and lack of corporate sponsorship have stopped this show from actually being on T.V., but that did not stop Jack Gunthridge. Each episode is presented in its original uncut version taken directly from the original high definition master. And for the first time, you can experience The Gunthridge Show in its intended widescreen aspect ratio with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. If this show ever left you wondering what was that boy thinking, Jack has included a special audio commentary track. The Gunthridge Show is intended for intelligent audiences only. Some material may be inappropriate for children, the highly religious, the extremely conservative, and people who are not smart enough to get the jokes. If you do not know if you belong in this group, you probably do.moreless
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Slapstick, Satire, Parody & Spoof