The Hogfather

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The Hogfather

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As Hogswatch, the Discworld equivalent of Christmas, approaches, an unlikely group of figures must band together to, not only save the Hogfather, but to save the world itself. Join Death, his assistant Albert, Death's grand-daughter Susan, the staff of Unseen University and a magical computer on a fascinating and magical ride through the Discworld. Initially aired on Sky One in the UK, this live action film is an adaptation of the Terry Pratchett novel of the same name from the best-selling Discworld book series. This production won BAFTAs in 2008 for Best Visual Effects, and for photography and lighting (for Gavin Finney of The Mob).
  • A surprisingly good adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather.

    When I heard about an adaptation of one of Pratchett's book, I was a bit afraid because he is one of my favorite author and I read enough Discworld to know how hard it would be to adapt on TV the world of these books.

    However I decided to watch Hogfather after I saw a trailer. I looked nice.

    And it was! Frankly, I found the universe of the Disworld book in this two episodes tv show.

    First of all, the Death was nice. He had a great voice (thanks to Ian Richardson, who sadly died recently) and was funny with his HO-HO-HO. Suzanne was nice too, I kinda imagine her like that.

    My favorite character in the book is the same as in the tv show: TeaTime played by a great Marc Warren. He was really scary and yet a bit funny.

    I recommend this adaptation to every fan of Pratchett because it's worth it.moreless
  • the best.... just the best

    if u are a fan of sappy christmas love storys and romance... then dnt watch this coz its not a love story but really the only xmas show i have ever really watched in the past four years, its gore an amazing plot, the characters are incredible and ofcourse there is the sexy marc warren who stars as teatime. the insane assassin. i supose u wanna no what is the main giz of it, well... its starts with a plot to kill of the hogfather ( santa clause) an assassin is brought in to do the job, teatime is a very handsom young man with blonde hair the only problem being is his eyes, they don't match. he agress to take the job on condition that he is made a full member of the guild. susan comes into the story as a tough in house nanny who doesn't believ in foolishness... being that her grandfather is death himself, who is our main character, when the hogfather disappears, death take s his place and with the help of a cocky sidekick, (david jason) they deliever prezzies to all the young children with difficulty. mean while people are dieing left and right, teatime has taken over the tooth fairies castle and has kiled all her guards, hiring his owne. he wants to take over the world by controlling all the little children. this is a two part film. its released to the public on dvd in april this year. go buy it, its full of twist and turns if your a fan of marc warren or david jason then this is for you. xxxx.moreless
  • A brilliant way to enjoy Christmas.

    I saw all of the behind the scenes previews for this show, watched all of the videos available online, and was really looking forward to this. Infact I was rather worried that it would not be as good as I wanted it to be. But it was.

    The acting was briliant, the plot was brilliant, for the first time in a very long time, a tv dramatisation ofa book actually stayed close, very close, to the book. Death was brilliant, as was his assisstant Albert. Seeing Death struggle down a chimney that's been blocked up, and then watching Albert calmly walk through the kitchen door ant patiently wait for Death dressed as the Hogfather to come through was brilliant. David Jason was absolutely right when he said he was basically a part of Christmas! No one else could have played this role.

    Michelle Dockery/Susan was also brilliant, seeing her play Death's grand-daughter and the relationship between these two characters was fabulous. I loved this. The moment it comes out on DVD whihc is the 9th of April 2007 I'm buying it.

    I really recommend this to anyone and everyone.moreless

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