The Honey Pot

Released 1967




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Joseph L. Mankiewicz

The Honey Pot is mostly set in the opulent Venetian palazzo of Cecil Fox (Rex Harrison), a millionaire who concocts a plan to fool three of his former mistresses into thinking he is approaching imminent death; it amuses him to think what they'll do to be remembered in his will. Fox hires William McFly (Cliff Robertson), an unsuccesful actor, as his amanuensis. The three women arrive; one brings a nurse with her - Sarah Watkins (Maggie Smith), an ordinary girl not greatly impressed by the display of wealth. Fox's plans are interrupted when a dead body is discovered and the prank turns nastier still as Inspector Rizzi (Adolfo Celi) searches for the truth.

Rex Harrison

Rex Harrison

Cecil Sheridan Fox

Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith

Sarah Watkins

Cliff Robertson

Cliff Robertson

William McFly

Susan Hayward

Susan Hayward

Mrs. Lone Star Crockett Sheridan



Princess Dominique

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Although it is essentially a modern-dress version of Ben Jonson's 16th-century play Volpone, this film derives from a novel by Thomas Sterling, The Evil Of The Day, and the stage adaptation made of it by Frederick Knott, entitled Mr. Fox Of Venice. All three authors receive due acknowledgement in the film's opening credits.

    • This was the last film to be photographed by the legendary Italian cameraman Gianni di Venanzo, whose films with Fellini, Antonioni and Rosi had given him an international reputation. He was taken ill with hepatitis during the filming, but it was misdiagnosed, and he died suddenly with several weeks of filming still to go. He was only 45 years old. The rest of the film was photographed by his assistant, Pasquale de Santis, without credit.

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    • The film got its world premiere in London in March, 1967, at a length of 150 minutes. It was universally agreed that it was too long, and was quickly cut to 132 minutes, with Herschel Bernardi's role as a Hollywood agent being deleted in its entirety. This shorter version is the one that has always been seen since on television or DVD.


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