The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2

DisneyToon Studios Released 2002


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  • Did the original REALLY need a sequel?

    I never even knew it had a sequel until I recently bought the three disc set (Blu-Ray and DVD). When first seeing the original Hunchback of Notre Dame, it was instantly my favorite Disney movie. Possibly even in my top three favorite movies of all time. It was dark sure, but it had amazing animation, music, and had a great villain. This sequel however is the EXACT OPPOSITE. First off, what bugged me the most was the animation. How in the hell does it look WORSE compare to the original? It just looks so bad. Even the Lion King sequel kept their original animation. The characters are ranged from okay to bland to annoying. The best example of this is Zephyr. Never have I been so irritated by a kid character. Quasi's love interest Maddelin is boring and bland. The only helpful thing she done was rescue the kid (i wished he would've just died). Also, I don't if it's an error or not, but why is Esmerilda's eyes more blue? Weren't they green in the first movie? The villain is totally forgettable as well. Frollo in the first movie was an awesome villain. His intentions were understandable and not to mention he sang the most kick ass villain song ever in Disney, Hellfire. This villain doesn't even have a reason for stealing the bell (at least from what I remember) and he's always obsessing on how he looks. The music in this movie my gosh. One of the great things in The Hunchback of Notre Dame was the unique music and that separated it from alot of Disney movies. Here, it sounds like your everyday love story music. How does this movie even have a 7/10?(6.1 after posting) Is it because parents are saying it's more child friendly? If so, that is BULLSH*T! Just because a movie is dark, does not mean it's a bad movie by any means. If anything, it actually makes it good, even great, The idea of Quasi falling in love did sound promising, but it was executed poorly. So overall, most likely the worst sequel to anything I'd seen and a complete betrayal to the amazing original. I should be more mad at this point, but I heard of a lot of terrible Disney sequels so it's nothing new.. But still, I hate this movie.
  • A lame sequel to an underrated masterpiece

    This is a lame sequel. In fact, it was kinda boring. I watched it last year after I got the 2-movie collection for Christmas in 2013. It was lame. The plot was weak and the songs were forgettable. Not to mention the animation was sub-par. This and All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 are lame and forgettable sequels to underrated animated originals. This is what one user wrote about it at TheTopTens:

    God I hate this movie. The animation quality is poor, nothing like the first film. The main villain is really weak and flat out pathetic compared to a greater, more evil one like Judge Frollo in the first film. The character's personalities have changed (especially Phoebus, who is now just a strict jerk) and the leading girl the Quasimodo falls in love with is kinda boring and bland. Not to mention the plot is poor (stealing a bell) and the songs are bad. My favourite Disney film is the first Hunchback of Notre Dame, for really good reasons too. However this sequel just sucks, it has a dumb concept, and it's a disappointing follow up to what was a powerful, darker and mature Disney film. That's why Disney sequels for me are a mixed bag. Sometimes I think a great film doesn't need a sequel. Very few can pull it off, and a lot of them are disappointments. Consider this film the latter.

    That was written by smrpg1996 on the list of Worst Disney Movies of All Time. It's true, they don't always need to make sequels when the first one ended just fine. But they do it for the money. Even when it's not necessary. At least the sequels were cancelled in 2006, but then they went out of control with the Tinker Bell and Air Buddies movies. Let's hope they've finally learned their lesson.
  • An insult

    The first film was dark, well done, awesome and overall one of my all-time favorite movies. The sequel however was a pile of crap.

    A large amount of the dark theme was removed. The villain of the film Sarousch, was an egomaniac and was nowhere near as awesome a villain as Frollo. While Frollo was dark and complex as well as the Minister of Justice granting him great political influence, Sarousch was simply put: a vain and narcissistic thief using a circus as a front. The animation, like all direct-to-video films, is weak compared to the first film. And unlike the first film, all the songs in this film are lazily done, soulless, annoying, and forgettable.

    The only redeeming thing about this film is Quasimodo finally gets a love interest by the name of Madellaine who was Saousch's assistant when he performs. She eventually turns on him leading to his arrest.

    Overall, this film is unbelievably terrible and an insult to a great movie. Avoid this film at all costs.

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