The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Color Force / Lionsgate Released 2013



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Francis Lawrence

Katniss and Peeta embark on a 'Victors Tour' of all the surrounding districts after their win at the 74th Hunger Games. A rebellion grows but isn't enough to stop the 75th games.

Metacritic Score

  • 80

    Empire Ian Nathan

    Defying rote heroics and sidestepping those solemn Frodoisms lurking in the role, Lawrence seeks out the complex, human and earthy in Katniss, still the beating heart and total tri...

  • 80

    Total Film Paul Bradshaw

    Catching Fire delivers on all the promise of Part 1 with a gutsier, tougher, better round of Games.

  • 70

    The Hollywood Reporter Todd McCarthy

    This is a safe, serviceable, carefully crafted action drama in which the subversive seeds planted in the first story take welcome root.

  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    Fans of the Hunger Games were dissapointed with the first movie and rightfully so. The film was pretty good, but didn't do the book justice, as it was extremely toned down and nowhere near as in depth as the book was. With a new director for the second book, they did not make the same mistake twice. As someone who has read all the books, I can tell you that Catching Fire is page for page exactly like the book. It was so amazing how much of the book is captured on the screen, as I actually saw the scenes play out the exact same way they did in my head when I first read Catching Fire. Everything down to the last detail is perfect! Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson return and are both fantastic, so good in fact, that I really wonder if Suzanne Collins had them in mind when she wrote this series. The casting is perfect, the acting is perfect, and the direction is perfect. For those of you who never read the series and didn't really see what was so special about the first film, I really suggest that you give this film a chance. I won't give anything away, but this isn't what you expect, especially the ending, and while there are two more films remaining, this will be your last look inside the arena. After Catching Fire, the series turns into something completely different and that's what I love about it. It would have been simple to have three books about the games, but the games are actually a small part of the second film, and won't take place in the next two films. Rarely do I give a film 5 stars, but the second Hunger Games film is done so much better than the first. They don't hold anything back in this one, and you are introduced to a whole other set of unique characters, that you will be seeing in the other films. The cast is brilliant and new Director, Francis Lawrence, manages to capture the essence of the book and bring it to life on the big screen, with unbelievable detail. If you didn't read the books and just don't understand what's so great about this series, go see this movie.moreless
  • good.

    haters, it much better WHEN U READ THE BOOKS!
  • The hunger games is a sick movie for sick people. badly acted and cheaply made.

    The hunger games is a suck twisted movie made by an anti-governmental women with hair down to the floor. Everybody says the hunger games is more than just a girl killing kids, she has no choice well the suck twisted women who wrote her sure did! Katnip as I call her is just a twisted fantasy for girl power! Girl power should be described through a smart, intellectual woman doing something important, not a clad sleaze bag that runs around killing kids! That's powerful, and the women who it inspires are terrible sleaze bags who should be taught a lesson! Do something important! Do not inspire to have no choice to kill kids. The books where sick and the movies were even worse! I guess it's great for today since it fits the sick profile of today's people. DO NOT TRY TO SAY SHE IS A SIGN FOR GIRL POWER AND I JUST DON'T GET IT! I DO YOU DON'T! All these people can just go girl power themselves right up sides of their faces! And any guys who like it are a sorry excuse for a man. Girls and guys alike just use this violence and character to fill an emotional gap in their insecure lives. GET OVER IT! You are inspiring a generation to fill their emotional gaps with unhealthy sick and twisted fantasies. The worst part is this film got a higher score then Saving Private Ryan, a real movie about important issues and important men, no I guess katnip is more important than veterans. Well everyone can continue being sick twisted teenagers, not caring about anything important and aspiring to be a clad leather sleaze bag that kills kids in a dystopia that everyone seems to love, well this country is going to down hard.moreless
  • Way Better than Hunger Games.

    This movie actually is more like the book with a few missing things.

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    • Production budget - $130,000,000
      Domestic gross - $424,668,047 (1st)
      Worldwide gross - $864,565,663 (5th)

    • Filming locations:
      Oakland, New Jersey
      Atlanta, Georgia
      O'ahu, Hawaii

    • Music:
      Written by Chris Martin
      Performed by Coldplay
      Written by Of Monsters and Men
      Performed by Of Monsters and Men
      Elastic Heart
      Performed by Sia Furler, The Weeknd & Diplo
      Performed by The National
      We Remain
      Performed by Christina Aguilera
      Devil May Cry
      Performed by The Weeknd
      Who We Are
      Written by 'Alex da kid' & Imagine Dragons
      Performed by Imagine Dragons
      Everybody Wants To Rule The World
      Performed by Lorde
      Gale Song
      Performed by The Lumineers
      Performed by Ellie Goulding
      Capital Letter
      Performed by Patti Smith
      Shooting Arrows At The Sky
      Performed by Santigold
      Place For Us
      Performed by Mikky Ekko
      Performed by Phantogram
      Angel On Fire
      Performed by Antony and the Johnsons
      Deep in the Meadow
      Written by Suzanne Collins
      Performed by Jennifer Lawrence

    • Taglines:
      1. Remember who the enemy is.
      2. Every revolution begins with a spark.


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