The Lady Vanishes

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Movie: The Lady Vanishes


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A remake of Hitchcock's classic with a host of well-known Hollywood actors. Arriving at the railroad station, Mrs Kelly (Cybill Shepherd) settles into a compartment occupied by the Baroness Kisling (Jean Anderson) and her entourage. They are presently joined by British nanny, Miss Froy (Angela Lansbury). A diverse group of people including stiff-upper-lipped Englishmen, Charters (Arthur Lowe) and Caldicott (Ian Carmichael), Mr and Mrs Todhunter (Gerald Harper and Jenny Runacre), Life photographer Robert Condon (Elliott Gould) and Dr Hartz (Herbert Lom) are forced to unite when one of their passengers, Miss Froy, disappears. Thrills and chills abound as the train thunders through mountain gorges, in a race to the death, against a mysterious enemy. Condon's cowardice is put to the test as he climbs about outside the speeding train and participates in a very British, stiff-upper-lipped shoot-out during High Tea...moreless
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