The Land Before Time

Released 1988


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Don Bluth
The Land Before Time is a moving and exciting family adventure from magical entertainment maestro Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment. Set during the time of the dinosaurs, this animated feature examines the idyllic life they're living during the Mesozoic period. They live in factions, each keeping to themselves and their various species never co-mingling. The film centers on Little Foot, a newly born brontosaurus who lives with his mother and grandparents, when he starts running into other newborns such as the Triceratops Sarah, and is told to keep to their species. Suddenly, a major earthquake strikes the land, separating the two young saurians from their respective families. Seeking to find his mother, Little Food does, only to see her fall victim to Sharp Tooth ' the local Tyrannosaurus Rex. With her gone, she has implored her soon to venture to The Great Valley ' a place of lushness where he can survive out his days in peace and along with some more dinosaur babies, Little Foot and Sarah set out to reach the magical valley before the fall victim to the monstrous predator.moreless

Metacritic Score

  • 88

    Chicago Tribune Dave Kehr

    It is, in the best Disney tradition, a story of childhood's end, of leaving the family and accepting adult responsibilities. Bluth relates it through a smooth counterpoint of humor...

  • 88

    Boston Globe Jay Carr

    From its opening evolution sequence of squiggly things in the water through its references to the great circle of life, The Land Before Time embraces a larger perspective than mere...

  • 75

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    I guess I sort of liked the film. although I wonder why it couldn't have spent more time on natural history and the sense of discovery.

Pat Hingle

Pat Hingle

Voice of Rooter / Narrator

Bill Erwin

Bill Erwin


Helen Shaver

Helen Shaver

Voice of Littlefoot's Mother

Gabriel Damon

Gabriel Damon

Voice of Littlefoot

Candy Brown Houston

Candy Brown Houston

Voice of Cera

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