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M. Night Shyamalan
The Last Airbender is a 2010 action movie based on the television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

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    Los Angeles Times Kenneth Turan

    Airbender, whether intentionally or not, is pegged almost exclusively to a small-fry state of mind.

  • 20

    The New York Times A.O. Scott

    The problem -- the catastrophe -- of The Last Airbender is not in the conception but the execution. The long-winded explanations and clumsy performances are made worse by graceless...

  • 20


    This is all enormously disappointing, of course, since the best we could hope for from a live-action "Avatar" adaptation is the mind-blowing equivalent of our first encounters with...

  • The show was WAY more better than this piece of crap.

    One of the worst movies in film history! M. Night Shyamalan serves as one of the WORST filmmakers in the history of movies and why some of his movies serve as an example of what NOT to do in a film.

    How can they take a great show and completely wreck it. I can't explain how much I loathe this movie, but I'll give it a shot.

    The acting in this movie is dreadful. The only decent actors in this are Zuko and Iroh, but even Zuko's actor didn't fit well as him. Also the dialogue is bad, there's nothing interesting said and there's just exposition with no emotional moments like in the show. Like I remember near the end of the series where Zuko wanted his uncle to forgive him and Iroh starts hugging him. I actually cried during that scene. The source material they used is also INCORRECT. For example in the show, the earth benders were trapped on a metal ship by the fire benders so they won't be able to fight back. Okay fine, but where are they taken in the film? WHERE THERE'S EARTH! Not to mention it was Aang who gave the speech to stand up and not Katara. It was pointless though because they COULD OBVIOUSLY fight back.

    There's barely any plot in this movie. It's suppose to be based on the entire first season, but it skips one plot point to another and so the pacing is rushed. The element bending is worse than I expected. Like there's one part where SIX earth benders lift up one small boulder, LIKE REALLY!?! In one time in the show only three guys were able to stop a DAMN TANK and this is all they did in the movie? I also noticed that the firebenders have to be NEAR fire in order to bend it. I could maybe get passed that more I think about it, but then why when they were near fire on their ship they didn't use it to stop Ong from escaping?

    Now don't get me started about the characters (other than the name pronounciations, but that's not really important). Sokka went from funny and smart to emotionless and always serious (and maybe the worst actor in the movie, and knowing how bad the acting is, that's saying a lot). Katara went from strong and cool to weak and annoying. Like when she was trying to fight off against Zuko, what happens? GETS KNOCKED OFF BY ONE HIT OF FIRE! ALL SHE REALLY DID WAS PUSH A GUY!!! SUCH DISRESPECT TO HER CHARACTER!!! Then Aang, OH DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED, the boy who was cheerful in the show was just boring in this movie. Which was a shame because he was one of my favorites in the cartoon. He had a conflict with himself whether he should fight the Firelord to save the world or not. It was one of the reasons why the show was so great. But nope, no emotions involved in this film. They also left out characters like ZUKI and for some reason Ong(yes it's Ong not Aang) talks to a dragon instead of the past air benders ( which again, WHY?). The dragon actually was in the show though if my memory serves me right, but I don't remember him talking. They showed Azula a couple times, but was not threatening at all like in the show. Now the Firelord here, *sighs* WHEN DID HE EVER IN THE FIRST SEASON SHOW HIMSELF!? Even if he did, the actor who played him is NOT how he would look. He's a way less frightening version than how the Firelord was in the show. Then when he was shown again, it was like his back was towards the camera. As if they wanted us to forget he was revealed. When did this become the live action Inspector Gadget movie? As for Princess Yue (I believe this was her), yes her and Sokka had a relationship but again, pacing was rushed. Plus they only shared like a couple lines or so together.

    Was there any positives in this movie? Well..... "the effects were decent"(if you don't get the reference, sucks for you) and again Zuko and Iroh were the only decent actors, but that's it. I would've liked to see the part where Ong turned into the water monster like in the show, but it was JUST A BIG WAVE INSTEAD,SERIOUSLY? He doesn't even destroy the ships or kill anyone, he makes the wave and drops it down gently. Speaking of that, instead of Jao being killed by the water monster (after Aang gets out of it) he gets killed by four random water benders. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

    Overall, I mean sure Dragonball Evolution and Foodfight are god awful (at least that's what I heard, I've only seen reviews of them) but this movie is just atrocious. PLEASE DON'T WATCH IT!!!! Watch the show instead and if you haven't seen it, then you don't really know how us fans feel. I still can't believe a show with great animation, memorable characters, awesome fight scenes, surprisingly good comedic value, and not to mention the emotions you feel when watching the cartoon has.... BEEN RUINED BY THIS HORSES**T!!!! As for you M. Night Shyamalan, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU?! You're the same guy who directed The Sixth Sense and a writer for Stuart Little (both pretty good movies, atleast better than this). But now this, Devil, and After Earth has people realizing how downhill your career went. Again, I'm sure there are worse movies out there but from what I've seen so far, THE LAST AIRBENDER IS THE WORST MOVIE I EVER SEEN!!! I NEVER WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN!! THERE BETTER BE NO SEQUELS!! IT'S ..... AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! *goes into Avatar state and destroys every last copy of movie*

    Also, penis hair (you know what scene I mean)moreless
  • Don't compare

    The mistake many people make while doing this review, is that they compare both the movie and the show why so many people say this movie is so bad. Don't get me wrong it is, because there is so much confusion between the backstory and whats going on. The acting is just the worst, and most of the time you don't get what going on. But the next time you watch the movie forget every thing you knew about the show and pretend like your just a clueless person watching.moreless

    Hey M. Night Shyamalan, you know the difference between your fame and Sokka's boomerang? Your fame will never come back! I wish I could rate a 0. Avatar the Last Airbender is the best series in the WORLD, but you made it into the worst movie IN THE WORLD! I am highly offended because my dad and friends past this show down to ME! I was highly disappointed that you actually made it to the show biz. Aang was pronounced wrong, who the heck is Oong. Sokka said NO bad jokes about anything, he barely even cracked a smile! Aang's arrow was WAY too detailed! How hard is it to draw a blue arrow down someone's head? Jeez! The waterbending scroll was stolen not given! Azula was not that young! If anyone agrees with these problems give me a thumbs up! There are wayyy more problems! No wonder Google Play and the App Store sell this movie for 3 bucks!moreless
  • Outrage.

    I have no idea what Night was thinking when making this movie. Let you tell you, I loved the Avatar cartoon series, and when I saw this movie (and some clips of it) it was like a slap to the face. Wrong actors to portray the characters, pronouncing the FREAKING NAMES wrong, and the bending.. oh my lord.

     In the words of Sokka: At least the effects were decent.

    But it still sucks anyway.


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