Last Day of Summer

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Blair Treu
In this boy's case, saying goodbye to summer isn't ever easy, and Luke Malloy can't bring himself to face tomorrow: The first day of middle school. Instead he wishes the last day of summer would never end, and miraculously his wish comes true! Luke is now reliving the same day over and over, being able to do the most embarassing thing in front of a crush who doesn't even remember it the next day! But later, Luke thinks maybe that's just as bad as starting school. Jansen Pannettiere stars in this Nickelodeon Summer 2007 original movie.
  • This show is cool. Its got everything

    I like everything about it. Its funny and family like. Its a great show. Its so cool. It is interesting. Its I bet a lot of people like it and I mean a lot of people. Its original. Its classic. Its everything you need in a great show like comedy, entertainment, and enjoyment. A lot of people would want to be in the show since it is so great. Also, it is amazing, incredible, and absolutely fun watch to watch for people. They made this a great show. It is almost like it is reality. They make it like that.moreless
  • Groundhog Day Jr.

    Liked this cool movie for many interesting reasons.

    Jackee Harry (227) portrayed the mascot wearing a lobster costume. Good thing she didn't make it on The Amanda Show as one of the dancing lobsters (LOL)!

    Seeing Jansen playing the guitar & singing "End of Summer". Liked the band idea, but the drum set was too weird for me. One of his tom-toms looked like a baby snare drum. They could've had a better drum set.

    All in all, liked the chipmunk idea, but hated the tent gag over & over & over again.

    This makes two straight Nick movies that had somebody playing guitar (Shredderman Returns is the other).moreless
  • Jansen Panettiere stars in this summer classic.

    Well, this movie wasn't like the most funniest movie a guy could watch, and Jansen Panettiere, well, his acting wasn't very good. But the storyline was great, though it kind of was he same as the movie, Groundhog Day's plot. But this had a certain twist that I can't put my finger on. But that Alice girl, she was great, and she looked GOOD. Though Alice wasn't the perfect name for somebody that gorgeous! Also Jansen's (Luke) act around her was poor. Though I'm kind of shy, I could do better than that aroudn girls I like. I mean, he just made a complete fool of himself around Alice. The chipmunks were good too, though you could tell they weren't real chipmunks, and I don't know how they could make anyone, (in this situation, Luke) pass out. But, the writers had to get the movie to September 2nd sometime.moreless

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