The Lawless Nineties

Released 1936


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The Lawless Nineties

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Joseph Kane
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The Lawless Nineties is a classic western about a federal agent that is sent in to regulate a heated battle over statehood in Wyoming. In 1890, in the territory of Wyoming, a contentious political fight rages over whether or not the region will officially become one of the United States. The only thing keeping the vast land mass from statehood is the majority of the votes, but a powerful political faction, led by Charles K. Plummer (Harry Woods) is hard at work, intimidating potential voters and affecting the polls. Strongly favoring their official status in the union, the government sends in secret agent John Tipton (John Wayne) and his right hand man Bridger (Lane Chandler) to get to the bottom of the criminal organization and ensure a fair election. Upon his arrival, Tipton befriends Major Carter (George Hayes), the owner of a local newspaper that supports the territory becoming a state, and his young daughter Janet (Ann Rutherford). But Tipton's presence is felt not only by law abiding citizens, but by Plummer and his crew as well, and when the outfit discovers Bridger is an agent, he is killed. Realizing they mean business, Tipton ups his efforts to take down Plummer ad his gang once and for all, through legal ways or otherwise.Joseph Kane directs this trusty John Wayne vehicle, filled with many familiar and surprising moments.moreless

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