The Left Hand Of God

20th Century Fox Released 1955






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    • To comply with the film industry production code, 20th Century Fox had to agree that the character of Father O'Shea would not be seen on screen performing any Catholic sacraments or rites.

    • Twentieth Century-Fox, producer and distributor of The Left Hand of God, paid $110,000 for the film rights to William Barrett's novel. This also included an early screenplay draft William Faulkner had already written.

    • The Los Angeles premiere of The Left Hand of God was on 2 September 1955. A New York premiere would follow on 21 September 1955.

    • The Left Hand of God had a shooting budget of $1,785,000. Domestic box office receipts were just over $4 million dollars.

    • This would turn out to be the final starring role for actress Gene Tierney who had been coping with bipolar disorder after the difficult birth of her daughter Daria in 1943 and had to leave acting shortly after her appearance in this film. After numerous shock treatments and an attempted suicide, Tierney would regain control of her life and live to write about the disorder in 1979.

    • Humphrey Bogart was not the first pick for the role of Father O'Shea/Jim Carmody as Kirk Douglas, Gregory Peck and John Wayne were all considered for the part prior to Bogart.

    • Shooting locations used in The Left Hand Of God were the 20th Century Fox studios in Century City Los Angeles, California for the interiors and some of the town scenes, and Malibu Canyon, California, for the large exterior landscapes.

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