The Legend Of Bruce Lee

Released 1976


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Movie: The Legend Of Bruce Lee


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The Legend of Bruce Lee is a 1976 biopic featuring never-before-seen footage of the legendary martial artist movie star assembled after the tragic death of the iconic action hero. This film includes rare interviews with Lee's closest friends, who shed some light on the inner working's of Lee's stellar career. Lee starred in several smash-hit martial arts films from Hong Kong and Hollywood, including Enter the Dragon, Fist of Fury, and Way of the Dragon. His performances and exceptional physical condition led to the immense popularity of Chinese martial arts in America. As a martial artist, Lee trained diligently in constant pursuit of the perfect physical condition and fighting style. As an actor, he dominated the screen with his choreography and grace, capturing viewers as no martial artist had done before. The Legend of Bruce Lee is a must-see for martial arts fans, providing an in-depth look at the life of Lee and the people he kept close to him during his meteoric rise to fame.moreless
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