The Living End

Released 1992


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The Living End is a gritty tale of adventure about two HIV positive men on the run from the law. Jon (Craig Gilmore) is a gay film critic living with AIDS. Luke, also infected, (Mike Dytri) is an angry street hustler intent on living out his last days with guns blazing. The two men find themselves fugitives after Luke murders a policeman. As they flee potential capture, the affection grows between them, sharing in both the inevitability of death and the fear of incarceration. Jon begins to wonder if Luke's fatalistic ways are truly right for him, and Luke begins to notice his path of destruction may not be entirely necessary. Writer and director Gregg Araki's movie was perhaps too authentic for its time in 1992, but the storytelling has a real authenticity to it. The language is crude, the subject matter harsh, and the cinematography rather rough around the edges, but The Living End offers a very unique look into what love is as it follows two renegades living out their respective death sentences.moreless
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