The Lone Ranger

Walt Disney Pictures Released 2013


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  • Trivia

    • In Elizabeth Rudnick's novelization of the script, the sheriff is named Garrick P. Donovan. But in the IMDb cast list, he is listed as Sheriff Patterson, and he is played by Edward Khmara.

      In Michael Singer's "On the Trail" hardback about the making of the movie, there is a copy of the Wanted Butch Cavendish poster. Here is what it says underneath Butch's picture:

      "5 feet, 9 inches high, 165-170 lbs. weight, 39 years of age, blue-gray eyes, light brown hair. He was one of the robbers of the Central Railroad Train on March 20, 1868, and has been indicted in several district courts for the murder of multiple persons and the violation of Indian treaties and anti-Trust laws."

      The poster was signed "Russell Allen, Superintendent, Transcontinental Railroad Express, Houston, Texas."

      In the Singer book, you learn that the reason Tonto put the birdcage on his head was to protect the crow from Red's cat.

      The Singer book also mentions that the little girl with the lollipop in the bank robbery scene at the beginning of the movie was 10-year-old Jenna Jewell Simon, great-granddaughter of James Jewell, one of the developers of the Lone Ranger radio program in the 1930s.


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