The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Universal Released 1997




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Steven Spielberg

A British family on a yacht cruise stumble across a seemingly uninhabited island and their wee girl is injured by tiny, seemingly harmless dinosaurs called compys. The island is the second inhabited by dinosaurs and owned by the Ingen Corporation of the first film, this one having been used to birth and raise the animals before transport for Jurassic Park for display. Iconoclastic mathematician Ian Malcolm learns of this, when he goes to visit ailing owner John Hammond about the accident and also learns that Hammond's control over the company has been wrestled away from him by his unscrupulous nephew Peter Ludlow, who plans on leading a team to the island to snatch its dinosaurs for display on the mainland. Thus, Hammond recruits his own team, led by Ian, to go beat Ludlow to the island to document the dinosaurs existence so that they may be protected.


Metacritic Score

  • 70

    Los Angeles Times Kevin Thomas

    It's not just that we've been there before but also that Steven Spielberg and his associates simply haven't been able to imagine as many flat-out scary moments this time around.

  • 60

    The New York Times Stephen Holden

    Where the original film was a cut-and-dried Pop-Art-flavored allegory pitting scientific hubris against the unpredictable, ungovernable forces of nature, the sequel is an all-stops...

  • 60


    David Koepp's script, from the Michael Crichton novel, is schematic and largely predictable. There's an obvious threat and not too many ways to quell it. Underneath the technical v...

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    • Malcolm: Taking dinosaurs off this island is the worst idea in the long history of bad ideas.

    • Tembo: Remember that chap about 20 years ago? I forget his name. Climbed Everest without any oxygen. Came down, nearly dead. When they asked him, "Why do you go up there to die?" He said, "I didn't. I went up there to live."

    • Tembo: Peter, if you want me to run your little camping trip, there are two conditions. Firstly, I'm in charge. And, when I'm not around, Dieter is. All you need to do is sign the checks, tell us we're doing a good job and open your crate of Scotch when we have a good day. Second condition, my fee. You can keep it. All I want in exchange for my services, is the right to hunt one of the Tyrannosaurs. A male. A buck only. How and why are my business. Now, if you don't like either of those two conditions, you're on you own.

    • Eddie: Lindstradt air rifle. Fires a subsonic Fluger impact delivery dart.
      Malcolm: Does it work any better than your satellite phone?
      Eddie: Very funny. I loaded it with the enhanced venom of Conus Purpurascens, south sea cone shell. Most powerful neurotoxin in the world. Acts within a 0.0002 of a second. Which is faster than the nerve-conduction velocity. So the animal's down before it even feels the prick of the dart.
      Malcolm: Is there an antidote?
      Eddie: What do you mean,like, if you shot yourself in the foot. Don't do that. You'd be dead before you even realized you had an accident.

    • Eddie: This is magnificent.
      Malcolm: Yeah. "Ooh, ah," that's how it always starts. But then later there's running and, and screaming.

    • John: Don't worry, I'm not making the same mistakes again.
      Malcolm: No, you're making all new ones.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Production Budget - $73,000,000
      Domestic Gross - $229,086,679 (3rd)
      Worldwide Gross - $618,638,999 (2nd)

      Domestic Adjusted for 2012 - $407,265,207
      Worldwide Adjusted for 2012 - $1,099,802,664

    • Production Companies:
      Amblin Entertainment
      (non-US distributor)

    • Filming locations include:
      Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
      Burbank, California
      Eureka, California
      Southland, New Zealand
      Granada Hills, Los Angeles, California
      Beverly Hills, California
      Humboldt County, California
      Kipukai, Kaua'i, Hawaii
      Arcadia, California
      Pasadena, California
      Monrovia, California
      Na Pali, Kaua'i, Hawaii
      New York City, New York
      Newhall, California
      Queensland, Australia
      Redwoods National Forest, California
      San Diego, California
      San Pedro, Los Angeles, California
      Universal Studios, Universal City, California
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    • Taglines:
      1. They're Walking Our Streets.
      2. Something has survived.

    • Music:
      Tres Dias
      Written by Tomás Méndez
      Performed by Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano
      Piano Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, op. 13 'Pathetique'
      Written by Ludwig van Beethoven
      Performed by Jeno Jando
      Piano Sonata in A Minor, K.310
      Written by Mozart
      Performed by Jeno Jandro


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