The Messengers

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Released 2007


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Danny Pang , Oxide Pang Chun

The Messengers is a horror movie made by the Pang Brothers in 2007. The story revolves around the Solomon family and a horrific darkness they encounter. Jess Solomon (Kristen Stewart) is a wild and unruly teenage girl. She recently drove her baby brother Ben (Evan Turner) home whilst under the influence. Not surprisingly, Jess caused a wreck and as a result, her brother is now mute. Her mother, Denise (Penelope Ann Miller) and father, Roy (Dylan McDermott) decide the family could use some time living in the country while they all try to overcome Ben's tragic accident. The Solomons, therefore, move to a seemingly quite and peaceful sunflower farm in North Dakota. Jess has a difficult time acclimating to her new life on the farm, but befriends a boy named Bobby (Dustin Milligan). However, it is not long before strange things begin to occur on the ranch. Black crows inexplicably swarm the sky above the Solomon's house. And things gradually become worse. Jess encounters menacing ghosts in her cellar, and begins to see them more frequently. On one occasion, a ghost attacks Jess, leaving cuts across her body. When she reveals herself to her parents, they don't believe her story and think the wounds are self-inflicted. It is clear the ghosts haunting the Solomon's house are trying to tell Jess to get out, but can she convince her family to leave before its too late?



Metacritic Score

  • 50

    The New York Times

    Like too many horror pictures, The Messengers becomes more boringly prosaic as it goes along, and there's an 11th-hour plot twist so dumb and poorly articulated that it destroys th...

  • 50

    Variety Ronnie Scheib

    Though the Pangs prove culturally adaptive on a visual level, they seem completely clueless as to the tonal modalities of Mark Wheaton's admittedly undercooked, all-American script.

  • 40

    Los Angeles Times

    The Messengers is at once ruthlessly efficient and shamelessly distended.

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