The Mourning Knitwit Knews Vol. 1

Released 2008


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Movie: The Mourning Knitwit Knews Vol. 1


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THE MOURNING KNITWIT KNEWS VOL. 1 The Mourning Knitwit Knews is about Art Deco and Karen Maxwell-House, two wanna be anchors on a morning news program. The show also incorporate a wacky ensemble of weatherman Wain Webber, Sports with Sista Sarah and traffic with Officer Bob Dylan. There is also a host of special reports by field reporters from New York to California. No two days are alike at the MKK, where stories are ripped from the headlines and ripped again by the anchors. The spoof on commercials are also integrated with many of the shows story lines. SNL, MAD-TV and WKRP in CINCINNATI set the stage for the Mourning Knitwit Knews, but they dont come close to the originality of characters and comic genius. The show was created, written, produced and starred Joseph May. Currently there are 25 shows available.moreless
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