The Night of the Following Day

Released 1968




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The Night of the Following Day

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Hubert Cornfield

Four criminals - Bud (Marlon Brando), his girl Vi (Rita Moreno), her brother Wally (Jess Hahn) and a hired hand, a stranger to the others called Leer (Richard Boone) - kidnap an heiress (Pamela Franklin) upon her return to Paris and bring her to an isolated beach house on the French coast. Tensions quickly arise between the kidnappers, chiefly because Leer is clearly a loose cannon who can't be trusted and may turn nasty - very nasty indeed - at any moment. The ransom demand is made, and the girl's father agrees to pay up. But on the night of the following day, everything goes wrong, horribly wrong.

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The film's director, Hubert Cornfield, was best known for cheap B-movies, and planned this film as such. The film had a shooting schedule of only five weeks. However, Marlon Brando owed Universal one last movie under a five-picture deal he had made with them years before, when the studio agreed to finance a very personal project of his, the 1963 film, The Ugly American. Brando was more or less imposed on the project against Cornfield's wishes and the two men were enemies from the outset. Eventually, a little over halfway through filming, Cornfield was removed from the movie, although he retained his co-writing credit and had sole credit for directing. He worked very infrequently in the cinema or television thereafter. Ironically, this became probably his best-known and best-remembered film.

    • The last two weeks of the film were directed by Richard Boone without credit.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Leer: [to the girl]: Thank you, my dear, for a charming interlude.

    • Bud: [to Leer]: I'm going to say this rather quickly. I don't want you to hurt the girl. I don't want you to touch her. If you do, I'll take that burp gun from you and stick it up your nose, and then I'll pull the trigger till it doesn't work any more.

    • Bud: [to Leer]: Listen to me, man - if you want to try something freaky, you don't do it with her.

    • Leer: [to the kidnapped girl]: If something bad were to happen to you, something a lot worse would happen to us.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Some measure of Marlon Brando's control over this film can be gauged by the fact that his character is named "Bud" (his real-life nickname) and that his best friend (played by Jess Hahn) is called "Wally" - a brief hommage to Brando's real-life best friend, the comedian and actor Wally Cox. Hubert Cornfield's original version of the script gave no names to any of the characters and he was most annoyed by Brando's insistence on this point, which Universal Studios supported.

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