The Nutty Professor

Imagine Entertainment Released 1996


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The Nutty Professor is a 1996 comedy film starring Eddie Murphy as Sherman Klump and a slew of other characters. Sherman Klump is a good-natured genetics professor who has problems with his weight and confidence. He is working on a DNA alteration technique that will ease the weight-loss process. He also meets a grad student named Carla Purty (Jada Pinkett) and gains the confidence to try and lose weight and ask her out. The two go on a date that goes well at first before Sherman is made the victim of insult comedian Reggie Warrington's (Dave Chappelle) acerbic jokes. Depressed, Sherman decides to try his DNA altering formula on himself. This creates a skinny alter-ego for Sherman he names Buddy Love. Buddy Love starts dating Carla while his new personality is getting out of control. His obnoxious actions eventually drive Carla away. She tries to confide in Sherman, but a misunderstanding drives her away from him as well. Hitting rock bottom, Sherman once again transforms into Buddy in order to impress an alumni at a fund raising event. This results in a confrontation between Sherman and Buddy for control of the body in front of Carla, and Sherman's parents (all played by Murphy).moreless
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