The Other Sister

Released 1999


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This funny and uplifting romantic comedy features outstanding performances from Juliette Lewis (Enough), Diane Keaton (Hanging Up, The First Wives Club), and Tom Skerritt (Contact) in a great star-packed cast! Even though Carla (Lewis) has grown into a very capable young woman, her nervous mother (Keaton) still has a major meltdown when Carla announces she's in love for the first time! So as Carla and her new boyfriend (Giovanni Ribisi, Gone In 60 Seconds, Saving Private Ryan) set out to experience all of life's great adventures, they're also out to prove that Carla has earned her independence! The latest big-screen favorite from Garry Marshall, the acclaimed director of Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride -- you're sure to cheer this feel-good treat!moreless
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Comedy, Drama


Romantic Comedy