The Perfect Teacher

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The Perfect Teacher, a Lifetime original movie, is the commonly told story of a student falling in love with her teacher. Devon Cory, played by Megan Park, is a spoiled high school girl who sits in a front row seat of Jim Wilkes' (David Charvet) math class. Devon becomes madly obsessed with her teacher, especially when she realizes he has only recently been divorced. Her efforts to impress Jim go unnoticed at first, but she makes it painfully obvious that nobody will get in her way. As she fights her way between Jim and his girlfriend, Jim realizes that perhaps Devon isn't quite the model student. The unhealthy obsession grows, and Jim begins to realize that Devon might actively be putting his life in danger. Produced by Thrill Films Inc. and directed by Jim Donovan, The Perfect Teacher was broadcast on Lifetime on September 12, 2010 as part of the network's 'perfect' themed thrillers.moreless
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