The Presidio

Released 1988


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At the Presidio, the Army base in San Francisco, a female MP is conducting her rounds when she caomes across the officer's club where the door has been forced open. She goes to investigate and is shot. The individuals who broke in get escape in their car and find themesleves in a high speed chase that gets both the Army MP's and the San Francisco police involved, which ends badly for both parties. Jay Austin, a San Francisco Police detective, is sent to investigate and he is met by Lt. Colonel Caldwell, who was his commanding officer, when he was an MP on the Presidio. It seems that Austin tried to arrest an Army officer but didn't follow procedures and Caldwell didn't support him. And the murdered MP was Austin's partner. A preliminary investigation casts suspicion on the officer Austin tried to arrest. When Caldwell refuses to let Austin press him, Austin tries to go after him on his own but is killed.moreless
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