Leon: The Professional

Gaumont Released 1994



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Luc Besson

Leon is a soft-spoken recluse living in New York City and working as a hitman for an Italian mafioso. Mathilda is a young girl who lives on the same floor as Leon. When her father makes a deal to hold drugs for crooked cop - Stansfield and the deal goes wrong., her family are slaughtered. Leon is forced to help Mathilda. The young girl, enamored with the calm, calculating older man, discovers Leon's profession and wants to grow up to be just like him and seek revenge against her family's murder.

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      • Stansfield: I like these calm little moments before the storm.

      • Stansfield: You don't like Beethoven. You don't know what you're missing. Overtures like that get my juices flowing. So powerful! But after his openings, to be honest, he does tend to get a little f******* boring.

      • Mathilda: Leon, what exactly do you do for a living?
        Leon: Cleaner.
        Mathilda: You mean you're a hitman?
        Leon: Yeah.
        Mathilda: Cool.

      • Mathilda: Do you clean anyone?
        Leon: No women, no kids, that's the rules.

      • Leon: The rifle is the first weapon you learn how to use, because it lets you keep your distance from the client. The closer you get to being a pro, the closer you get to the client. The knife, for example, is the last thing you learn

      • Mathilda: (Leon tends to his only plant) You love your plant, don't you?
        Leon: It's my best friend. Always happy. No questions.

      • Leon: Listen, Mathilda, you gotta be careful. You can't just speak to any guy off the street.
        Mathilda: Leon, get a grip. What's the big f****** deal? I was just smoking a butt while I was waiting.
        Leon: I want you to stop cursing. You can't talk to people like that all the time. I want you to make an effort to talk nice.
        Mathilda: OK.
        Leon: And I want you to stop smoking. It will kill you.
        Mathilda: OK
        Leon: Stay away from him, he looks like a weirdo.
        Mathilda: OK
        Leon: I'll be out in five minutes, stand where I can see you.
        Mathilda: OK.

      • Stansfield: Do you like life, sweetheart?
        Mathilda: Yes.
        Stansfield: That's good. Because I take no pleasure in taking a life if it's from a person who doesn't care about it.

    • NOTES (5)

      • Production Budget - $16,000,000
        Domestic Gross - $19,284,974 (72nd)

        Domestic Adjusted for 2013 - $37,647,222

      • Other production companies:
        Les Films du Dauphin
        Columbia Pictures (US distributor)

      • Taglines:
        1. You can't stop what you can't see.
        2. If you want a job done well hire a professional.
        3. Revenge is a tough game, even for a Professional.
        4. He moves without sound. Kills without emotion. Disappears without trace.
        5. A perfect assassin. An innocent girl. They have nothing left to lose except each other. He moves without sound. Kills without emotion. Disappears without trace. Only a 12 year old girl... knows his weakness.

      • Filming locations include:
        New York City, New York
        Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
        Manhattan, New York City, New York
        Paris, France
        Manhattan, New York City, New York
        West New York, New Jersey

      • Music:
        Shape Of My Heart
        Written by Sting and Dominic Miller
        Performed by Sting
        The Experience of Love
        Written by Eric Serra
        Performed by Eric Serra
        Venus As A Boy
        Performed by Björk
        Written by Björk
        I Like Myself
        Music by André Previn
        Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green
        Performed by Gene Kelly (uncredited)
        Like a Virgin
        Written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly
        Performed by Natalie Portman
        Happy Birthday
        Written by Mildred J. Hill and Patty S. Hill
        Singing in the Rain
        Written by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed

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    cool gadgets, family tragedy, assassination, coping with death, facing danger