The Reef

The Weinstein Company Released 2007


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Howard E. Baker
After losing everything, a young fish, Pi, goes to live with his family on the Reef. There he meets the love of his life but finds that she already has the unwanted affections of a bully shark. He must follow his destiny to save her and rid the Reef of this menace for good.

    This movie is awful... it was beyond compare. Whilst Foodfight was poor in quality, it didn't piss me off nor were the characters as bad as they were here.

    I'd rather watch Plan 9, Battlefield Earth, GPK Movie, Howard the Duck, The Last Airbender, Jack and Jill, Batman and Robin and Foodfight over this abomination. This movie is not just a bad Finding Nemo rip-off but also a bad competitor to Finding Nemo. BUT thats not the only reason why it is bad.

    The plot is dreadfully boring, basic and can be mashed up into 5 minutes. The thing about the plot that pisses me off is the SHARK and the female FISH are romantically THAT IS DISGUSTING BCAUSE SHARKS EAT FISH AND YES SHARK IN THIS MOVIE DOES EAT FISH AS HIS FISH GF SAID HIS BREATH SMELT LIKE TUNA AND THERE WERE DEAD FISHES BELOW HIM!!! The plot also has a weak fish who has to fight a fishes can't fight, secondly, even if they could, the sensei Nerissa tells he will teach him how to fight but then says fighting will not solve the problem making very little sense. I also have to question how the deep sea divers and Max the fucking crab can comunnicate with each other because they seem to act like they are in a photoshoot even though they never fucking understand each other. Also, how do they know Cordeliawas in the National Geographics? Did a magazine fall on the sea bed? It couldn't be that the deep sea divers mentioned it because they are wearing snorkles meaning they cannot speak. The plot is very mean very one of those tiring cliche plots so there is literally nothing interesting about the plot other than have stupid puns like 'The Codfather' which is a huge insult to The Godfather (A good movie).

    The animation is atrocious and I mean Foodfight bad. They move unnaturally with there wierd rusty joints. They have stiff but also slippery animation. They move either too fast or too slow. The models for the characters are hideous, they look like plastic and they have ugly humonoid faces. Cartoon and real life do NOT work together. The rendering is horrendous. It looks so pixelated and ugly. The textures are so flat and have very hideously dull colours.

    The characters all is boring, Cordelia is annoying and ignorant, Troy is an idiot, Nerrisa is meh, Dylan is cringe-worthy and those GOD DAMN SHRIMPS MAKE THE MOST ANNOYING VOICES WHICH MAKES BUBSY FROM BUBSY 3D'S VOICE SOUND THAT BAD!!!

    The background music is so boring, forgettable and almost non-existent. It is also very corny. The acting is phoned in and lack of emotion sometimes. The jokes again are horrible fish puns of course and there are unfunny gags such as a seagull getting hit on the head (YEAH, I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE (-sarcasm-)).

    Foodfight may be horrible, one of the worst animated even... but at least it did not have a sequel... thats right, this movie had a sequel and it is just as bad.

    If I have a minus infinite score, then this movie would get it. It hurts how people say this movie is 'not BAD?!!! ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!!! IT IS AN ABOMINATION OF MANKIND!!!


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