The Santa Incident

Released 2011


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Yelena Lanskaya
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Who would pilot a UFO at incomprehensible speed, disregard all boundaries of military airspace, and shamelessly flout national sovereignty? It's Christmas. It can only be one man. But since when has Santa been a threat to national security?In a little town pumped for the holidays, two children come upon a dazed old codger by the railroad tracks. He says his name is Nick. That he's tangled in tufts of tinsel and a strap of dented jingle bells isn't lost on ten-year-old Daniel and his younger sister, Sophia. They know that he's Santa, and that the poor fellow appears to have fallen out of the sky during a test run. They have a harder time convincing their single mother, Joanna, a nurse who's sure he's just another unfortunate train-hopping vagrant. But that wouldn't explain the interest shown in him by the shadowy Erickson and Cunningham, a threatening pair of by-the-book agents from Homeland Security who are following Nick's every move.Suspicious of the low-rent Dick Tracies, and taking a protective interest in Nick, Joanna invites him home, to the kids' delight. But for Joanna, nothing dampens the holiday spirit like an unsolicited visit from Captain Ross of the Air National Guard, who has an ornament-shattering confession: he shot Santa out of the sky after "violating restricted airspace." And if a couple of cynics like Erickson and Cunningham arrest the guy, it could end Christmas forever. For some reason, Joanna isn't buying this story either--until Nick's friends "from up North" arrive. They're the good guys. The pointy ears and elfin laughs are a giveaway. Now if everyone can believe as easily as Daniel and Sophia do, there's still a chance Christmas might be saved.Take the spirit of Miracle on 34th Street, a conspiracy out of the The X-Files, two men in black, and three elves and you get The Santa Incident, a one-of-a-kind, off-the-wall holiday surprise.moreless

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