The Seamstress

Released 2009


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The Seamstress is a horror film about an evil entity that was brought into existence when an innocent woman was beaten to death by a mob. Only spoken of in legends and whispers, the Seamstress (Andee Frizell) returns to haunt the very streets of the town where the grisly murder happened years ago. This ruthless aberration sets her gaze on Allie Plachtt (Kailin See) and a group of friends, who happen to be visiting nearby. What ensues is a desperate fight for survival, as Allie attempts to locate her father while the Seamstress preys on her victims. She soon finds out that her father took part in the murder that brought this evil scourge into existence. As her friends fall one-by-one, Allie stands at a crossroads about what to do next. Will she abandon her intuition and reason to satisfy a vendetta? This film was directed by Jesse James Miller.


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  • This Made No Sense

    This film is about the evil spirit of a psychic woman who was wrongfully accused of murdering seven children so a group of vigilantes brutally kill her and her husband. Before her death she cursed the vigilantes and said if they fail to bring her the real killer, they would all die.

    20 to 30 years later, a young girl's father is killed by the real killer so she locates the retired sheriff and accuses him. He then does research on the murders and finds out out it was the mechanic. Seriously, it took you a short time to find the real killer that was hunted decades ago after a girl accused him of being a killer?

    During this time, the girl's friends are killed by the ghost until the real killer appears and is finally killed by the ghost. The ghost is finally able to find peace but the girl claims the curse isn't over as the sheriff is still alive and the sheriff allows himself to be killed. Really? I saw the ghost find peace along with her husband.

    Nothing about this film made any sense and I could barely follow the story. One positive thing I have to say about this film is it shows why vigilantism can be a bad thing. Those vigilantes thought they were murdering a killer but instead killed an innocent woman, which is why we can't take the law into our own hands.moreless

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