The Secret of NIMH

Released 1982


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  • On the farm where she lives, widowed mouse Mrs. Brisby seeks help from a group of rats when her home is threatened.

    I have heard of "The Secret of NIMH" but never had any interest in seeing it. When I finally did more than thirty years after its original theatrical release, I found out that my lack of interest was justified. The one positive thing I can say about the movie is the origin story of the rats Mrs. Brisby seeks help from. I thought the story of how the rats came to be who they are was clever and interesting. What's also very clever is the revelation of what NIMH is. However that's the only good things in my opinion about this dark and depressing film. The late Dom DeLuise is wasted as the voice of a bumbling crow named Jeremy who manages to help Mrs. Brisby at just the right time every time. The movie as a whole is dark and depressing. There are a few scenes that may not be suitable for young children which begs the question why the film was given a "G" rating upon release. In the end this movie is not worth your time. This "Secret" is better left unrevealed.

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