The Sex Monster

Released 1999


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The Sex Monster is a comedy film about a happily married man Marty (played by Mike Binder, who also wrote and directed the film) who wants to spice up his love life with wife Laura (Mariel Hemmingway). Marty’s life is perfectly appeasable: he has a nice house with a yard, nice car, and his own construction business. But he wishes he had more excitement, and seeks it in the bedroom. His idea is the quintessential male fantasy: a threesome with his wife and another woman. His wife is initially very skeptical, but finally agrees to it. But once she is intimate with a woman, she realizes that she doesn’t need her husband to have fun between the sheets. Laura’s attraction to woman began with Marty’s suggestion, and now Marty is paying the price. The movie also stars Renee Humphrey as Didi, Kevin Pollak as Dr. Jerry Berman, and Stephen Baldwin as Murphy.moreless
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Gay And Lesbian Relationships, Love Triangle, Forbidden Love, Family Gossip, Extraordinary Situations