The Simpsons Movie

20th Century Fox Released 2007


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David Silverman

The Simpsons Movie is the big-screen debut of America's favorite family: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. When rock band Green Day drown in the greatly polluted Lake Springfield, the town comes together to clean it up. Homer has inherited a pig named Plopper, but his idea of cleaning up the pig's waste is to put it in an overflowing silo. When Marge tells him to dispose of it, he gets distracted and dumps it into the lake. When the toxic pig waste pollutes the lake, a squirrel getsmutated which leads to Springfield being placed in a dome. The citizens are outraged when they discover Homer was at fault. They form an angry mob and come to destroy the Simpsons home. Homer's blunder leads him to hopping in sinkholes, ending up in Alaska, and riding on a wrecking ball, all in a quest for redemption and forgiveness from his town and family.

Metacritic Score

  • 90

    The New York Times A.O. Scott

    The Simpsons Movie, in the end, is as good as an average episode of "The Simpsons." In other words, I'd be willing to watch it only -- excuse me while I crunch some numbers here --...

  • 80

    Los Angeles Times Carina Chocano

    In some ways, it reminded me of the final "Seinfeld" episode. As much as I laughed throughout, I kept wondering what was with all the emotional lessons.

  • 80

    Variety Brian Lowry

    Put simply, if somebody had to make a "Simpsons" movie, this is pretty much what it should be -- clever, irreverent, satirical and outfitted with a larger-than-22-minutes plot, cap...

  • Il miglior film del mondo!

    I Simpson la mia serie preferita in assoluto assime a quella dei Griffin e quindi non potevo non apprezzare I Simpson Il film,il capolavoro assoluto dell'animazione,nonch il mio film preferito di sempre,
  • Worth watching!

    This movie isn't all that bad!
  • Love this Movie.

    I think this is when I liked Marge the most. But Still it was a pretty good Movie.
  • sipsnovi

    miluju je nejlepsi pohadka na celym svete
  • Worth the Wait

    It took 18 years for this film to be released and we were rewarded for our patience with this fun film. It's about the Simpsons having to save Springfield from the Environmental Protection Agency after Homer(who else) polluted Lake Springfield just to get to some doughnuts. Homer is unwilling to save the town at first, making his family finally see how selfish he had become.

    They abandon Homer to save Springfield, but are captured. However,Homer learns from a medicine woman that if he continues his selfish path, he will be alone forever. Thanks to her, Homer is able to redeem himself by returning to Springfield and prevent its destruction.

    This was an awesome film and it was worth waiting 18 years for.moreless
Dan Castellaneta

Dan Castellaneta


Hank Azaria

Hank Azaria


Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer


Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

... Bart / Maggie / Ralph / Nelson / Todd Flanders / TV Daughter / Woman on Phone

Yeardley Smith

Yeardley Smith


Julie Kavner

Julie Kavner

Marge Simpson / Selma / Patty

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