The Swan Princess Christmas

Released 2012


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  • Original Trilogy sliiced and trampled

    As a film is it not too bad,but is totally destuction of impression of past three animated movies!
  • I didn't even have to see this movie

    I've seen clips from the film and read the plot for the film and that was enough for me to say this has got to be the worst Christmas special I have ever heard of, even more so than Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. The only thing that could be worse is the Star Wars Holiday Special.

    Basically, Rothbart, the villain of the first film returns from the dead as a ghost to ruin the Christmas spirit of the kingdom which was the only thing more powerful than the Forbidden Arts. Destroying Christmas would be able to return him to physical form. He succeeds in his plan and kidnaps Odette and fights Derek as the Great Animal, but this time, he delivers a mortal blow to the Prince. Odette then sings the main song for the film which kills Rothbart once again. Derek dies but she sings the song again which brings Derek back to life.

    This film is so terrible I am actually afraid to watch the entire thing. I mean how could they do this to The Swan Princess? They should have ended with just the three films. This is not only an insult to a gret franchise, but it's an insult to Christmas itself. The fact that they used CGI instead of the traditional animation alone was bad enough, but the CGI itself is just terrible. It felt like watching Playstation One style CGI used for FMVs and this film was made in 2012. There was no excuse for that. Another thing that sucks is during the film, they learned that the Christmas Spirit could hurt Rothbart so when he returned physically, they could have just sung and saved themselves a ton of trouble.