The Trigger Effect

Released 1996


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The Trigger Effect is a 1996 drama starring Kyle Maclachlan, Elisabeth Shue, and Dermot Mulroney. Annie and Matthew (Elizabeth Shue and Kyle Maclachlan) are a young married couple, settling into their new life as a family. They have an infant child, and they spend most of their time performing typical family duties. The movie begins with Annie and Matthew returning home from a night out, only to be informed by the sitter that their child has a high fever. They call a doctor who assures them they’ll be able to pick up a prescription in the morning. The next day, Matthew and his brother Joe (Dermot Mulroney) go to pick up the medicine. However, the city has suffered a large-scale blackout, and the pharmacist can’t fill the prescription. With a sick child at home, it doesn’t take long for Matthew to begin breaking social norms and the law to get what he needs. The Trigger Effect is an intense story about how quickly society can deteriorate during a crisis, as the laws that maintain order aren’t always as strong as we’d like to believe.moreless
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