The Trouble with Harry

Released 1955






  • Trivia

    • Alfred Hitchcock was insistent that Harry, the corpse, should be played by an actual actor, Philip Truex, and not represented by a dummy, as was usual in films. (Harry is never seen alive in the film).

    • This was Shirley MacLaine's first film. She was twenty years old when she made it and had special "introducing" credit.

  • Quotes

    • Captain Albert Wiles: [finding Harry's corpse]: One pot-shot at a rabbit and I'm a murderer!

    • Arnie Rogers: [surveying the dead rabbit]: Four rabbit's feet - and he got killed!

    • Captain Albert Wiles: [boasting of his adventures]: I'm a man who's seen death many times.
      Miss Ivy Gravely: Rather recently, too...

    • Miss Ivy Graveley: [politely, upon seeing Captain Wiles lugging Harry's corpse into the forest]: What seems to be the trouble, Captain?

    • Arnie Rogers: You never know when a dead rabbit will come in handy.

    • Sam Marlowe: You old social butterfly!
      Miss Gravely: 'Old'?!
      Sam Marlowe: That was figuratively speaking, Miss Gravely.
      Miss Gravely: How old do you think I am, young man?
      Sam Marlowe: Hm... 50? How old do YOU think you are?
      Miss Gravely: 42! - I can show you my birth certificate.
      Sam Marlowe: I'm afraid you're gonna have to show more than your birth certificate to convince a man of that!

  • Notes

    • Alfred Hitchcock was particularly fond of this film, although it was, as he anticipated, not a box-office success. When he was preparing his long-running television series, he showed the film to James Allardice, whom he had hired to write his various introductions to the show's episodes; it showed Allardice the sort of droll tone he should be aiming for.

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