The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Summit Entertainment Released 2009


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Chris Weitz

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is the 2009 chapter in the blockbuster youth vampire saga, directed this time out by acclaimed filmmaker Chris Weitz (About a Boy, The Golden Compass). Human Bella (Kristen Stewart) is in love with vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson). But an accident on her birthday reminds Edward just how dangerous it is for a human around his kind. So he decides he and his family need to leave, which all but destroys Bella. She is literally a zombie for the next four months until she accidentally discovers that doing something reckless allows her to hallucinate Edward. So she decides to enlist her beefed up friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner) to fix up some old motorcycles. But as the two spend time together, she starts feeling better and he starts feeling hot for her (and temperature wise). Eventually he pulls a sudden attitude shift, cropping his hair down and getting inked like a cult-like group on his reservation. Turns out this group are actually werewolves that only arise when vampires are around (to kill them) and Jake is one of the wolves. The pack are trying to stop Victoria, the ticked off mate of the bad vampire from the last movie, from getting to Bella, but Jake being gone so much drives her to need an Edward-inducing rush.



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Metacritic Score

  • 70


    Carried by Kristen Stewart's compellingly dark performance, but also by helmer Chris Weitz's robust visuals.

  • 60

    Los Angeles Times Kenneth Turan

    Constrained by the plot of the novel, the film keeps the two lovers apart for quite a spell, robbing the project of the crazy-in-love energy that made "Twilight," the first entry i...

  • 40

    The New York Times Manohla Dargis

    The big tease turns into the long goodbye in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the juiceless, near bloodless sequel.

  • No... Just no.

    I'm not a hater of the Twilight saga out of the blue. Hell, I'm not even a hater of anything. I can understand why people like this saga, I do. But me? Well, I just can't. I've read all the four books, and I've liked none. But this movie... This book as well... Well, it was the worth. Unrealistic, slow-paced, without action, we followed, for two hours, the adventures of Bella after losing Edward. The girl's reaction is so poor. I believe in true love, I really do, I've tasted it: but no one (I'm sorry: no one on their right mind) jumps off a cliff because is feeling sad or because wants to feel adrenalin so they can see a projection of their loved ones. When you lose someone you love, you feel it hard, but you don't scream at night while appearing that you have some sort of demon in your body. You don't stop living. But not in this movie. Character Bella forgets school, life, family... She depends on her memories of Edward, which, by the way: DISAPPEARED FOR NO GOOD REASON. So, on the previous film, Bella was endangered because of him and his family, the villain (out-of-nowhere-villain) James, almost killed Bella. He bite her, almost turned her to vampire... And ok, Edward was fine, just chillin. But one simple accident happens and he decides to leave town with fake excuses? No... Just no. And then, there's the typical: after he's departure, Bella starts seeking for comfort, and she founds Jacob, the werewolf to be. This part of this movie is really alike the one when Bella finds out Edward's a vampire in the first film... And I thought: am I watching the same sequence? Anyway, the movie isn't as bad as the book is. I appreciate Meyer's writing, but the story she told in New Moon, was just so down, so depressive and unrealistic (and no, I'm not seeking for reality in a fantasy book, I know, but for the characters to be vivid and easy-to-picture likable) they have to be real! Not real as "humans" but real as someone whose qualities we can rely on). Just... New Moon isn't a good sequence to Twilight, which was indeed way better than this one.moreless
  • Top 10 Best Action Movie

    This movie is easily 1 point behind the perfect score 10.0 the only reason it isn't is because the director of this movie Chris Weitz knew once he show cased the wolves in this one. the people would want more they would want to see the wolves in action multiple times that really all my problems with Twilight movies they never showed that the wolves were powerful or independent enough to fight a vampire one on one like this isn't the only movie that puts vampires vs Werewolves this argument has been going for decades and it seems in this movie That Chris Weitz favored the Vampire But in the end it was a great movie loved the ending with the Jacob and Edward Match up.


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