The Zonus Project

Released 2008


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Movie: The Zonus Project


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The Zonus Project is a stop motion animated action/comedy/satire set in a future where political parties are distinguished by their educational philosophies and fiercely struggle for world power. The central character, Lance Carter, works as a scientist at a prestigious research lab associated with the leading political party, the United Collegiate (or 'UC'). On the way to work one day, Lance and three friends are mistaken for rebel fighters of the Vocational Alliance (or 'VA'), the UC's bitter political rivals. But before Lance and his friends can be arrested, members of an obscure third political group, the Society of Non-Conformists (or 'Non-Cons'), intervene and Lance continues on his way to work. Later at the research lab, Lance conducts a final test of a revolutionary technology called the Zonus machine, which instantly transports objects from one location to another. But a mishap occurs and Lance finds himself on a desert planet billions of miles from earth. On the planet Lance meets an alien named Bob, and learns that Bob's species idolize human beings. Lance returns to earth with Bob, but is promptly arrested and led off to UC detention. During interrogation, Lance learns of UC plans to use the Zonus machine against the VA and Non-Con forces. Lance decides to escape from detention to disable the Zonus machine before the first major public demonstration by President Pedantic, the leader of the UC.moreless
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Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Science Fiction


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